A big mistake was made by top-level humans in 2020. A rush to judgment. It should have been done when too many were getting ill at the same time. Quarantine them. Treat them the best you know how. Separate the well from the sick.

Self-distancing and face masks: a great idea.

Shutting down businesses all at once: a bad idea. Bad for the economy and the health of the majority. It was hard on relationships, people too close for too long, maybe unemployed. No money. Easy to close businesses. Flip the switches. Reopening is a different ball game. It will be much harder to restore sanity to the nation. Lives are ruined forever.

The nation needed to stay on course. This virus will be remembered as being the most disruptive to the world. The year 2020. Still no vaccine available.

Ellen M. Dumancas

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