I have been following the issue of eliminating the noun “chief” from use (“Council tables title change: Councilor questions whether term ‘chief’ is offensive,” June 23).

The word “chief” has been used as far back as the 1300s and is translated in over 80 languages. This is not solely an Indian or Indigenous word. Nor is it "a racial epithet," as a community relations officer for the city stated in the News Tribune. The word is used around the world to define a leader or is the title given to the highest-ranking position. As an adjective, it refers to “the most important thing.” We and countries around the world use this word to define the most important position in numerous institutions such as banks, fire and police departments, universities, governments, and municipal corporations, to name a few.

Everyone today can find something to be offended by; however, it is important to educate yourself before jumping on the bandwagon and making poor decisions.

Zan Glowaky

Killingworth, Connecticut

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