The June 14 letter, “Approving Line 3 was the right choice,” dismissed continued objections over the Public Utilities Commission’s Line 3 certificate approvals as “whining.”

Have indigenous water protectors been “whining” by raising concerns over the threat posed by Line 3 to their sacred lands? Was Public Utilities Commissioner Matt Schuerger simply “whining” in his 11-page dissenting opinion, issued on May 1? Has the state Department of Commerce been “whining” over the course of its constant objections to Line 3, culminating in the request for reconsideration that it filed with the PUC on May 21? Was the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency acquiescing to “whining” when it granted a contested case hearing on Draft 401 water quality certification on June 3? Have Minnesotans concerned with our environment been “whining” every time we’ve asked Gov. Tim Walz to make his position known on the issue?

Regardless of the outcome of Line 3 deliberations (which are far from settled), it would be nice to see a little more respectfulness in our discourse. But maybe I’m just whining.

Shannon Peterson