It’s me again, your average Duluth golfer. Do I have anything new to add to my last letter, on May 1, informally directed at Mayor Emily Larson about the closing of Lester Park Golf Course? Yes, I do:

I’ve played Enger Park Golf Course half a dozen times since the season opened — and played well considering the shape of the course. There are a few decent fairways and one or two greens that are actually green. But for the most part, and from what I hear from those who have walked and worked at Lester, Larson and the City Council closed the wrong course.

How could this be? Just last season, only 18 holes were open at a time at Enger because a different nine holes were closed every six weeks for reseeding. And Lester is still in better shape. We are all pleased that the skeleton grounds crews do a minimal amount of mowing at Lester.

In fact, here’s an idea I am surprised the mayor and City Council did not think of: Why not keep Enger open for half the season and then switch to Lester for the last half? This would give golfers some opportunity to play the greener of the two courses. The grounds crew could do much-needed remedial work on Enger’s fairways and greens.

Currently, Enger is an embarrassment. I cannot imagine charging anyone, especially out-of-town guests, to play on such a shabby course. I have taken several photos of the greens and fairways at Enger and am sending them to the mayor and city in hopes they will consider making some equitable arrangement at least for part of the season. That would please local golfers, cause no hardship for staff and crew, and attract more visiting players.

Phil Fitzpatrick