Surely, she jests. Rarely does the News Tribune Opinion page make me laugh, but then I read retired local TV journalist Barbara Reyelts’ column in the paper in which she claimed that the “nightly news” on NBC, CBS, and ABC is “almost exclusively, facts” and that “reporters tell their stories without obvious bias.” (Her May 22 column was headlined, “Are you news confused?”)

How does one not notice the bias in the nightly news?

Network news bias is evident in the topics the networks choose to cover or to avoid. So much reporting appears to be agenda-driven. Reporters, wittingly or unwittingly, convey bias through the words they choose, the perspectives they take, and even their emotions. Their bias can be subtle. They often present conventional wisdom as fact or science. Their political inclinations are often poorly concealed.

If you watch five minutes of nightly news without detecting bias, you probably need a nap.

Wayne C. Anderson