Mayor Emily Larson will take a 10% salary cut for the remainder of this year “to help the city through a period of financial hardship brought on by COVID-19,” the News Tribune reported on May 20.

It was typical liberal, re-election, political-hogwash talk! Give us a break.

The mayor’s annual salary is $97,500. A 10% cut over the seven months left in the year is a cut of about $5,687. She’ll still be paid $91,813, plus all the perks and benefits that come with being mayor.

Isn’t President Donald Trump’s practice of donating his $400,000 annual White House salary far more meaningful?

Likewise, the 10% pay cut being accepted by the City Council president comes to only about $805. How many potholes can be fixed for that?

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Have any administrative staffers been laid off as a result of this crisis? Or has it just been library and other city workers, along with the closures of Spirit Mountain and Lester Park Golf?

Meanwhile, businesses are closing after months of zero salary for their owners and employees, all of whom still have property taxes, mortgages, city fees, and other bills to pay. Thousands in Duluth are being laid off at AAR, Essentia, and elsewhere. I’m sure any of them would happily take $91,812 per year, plus perks and benefits.

Folks like me on Social Security took the equivalent of 17% "pay cut" this year when our property taxes went up by that much. The cost-of-living increase for Social Security was only 1.2% this year while property taxes, health insurance, and utilities all increased a lot more than that. It’s getting to be too expensive to live in Duluth.

And the mayor can give us a break from the usual spin. We are not all that stupid.

Ron Klehr