In a time of heavy news and heavy hearts, how do we find and give hope? Sometimes it’s as easy as honking your horn.

As a child-care provider for essential employees, I often wonder what my children will reflect on from the time they spent away from school. Missing their friends and making new ones? Endless hours playing board and gym games? Hikes in the forest and distance learning? And how many cars and trucks honked at them while going on walk?

If only you knew the deep amount of joy that floods the hearts of children when you honk your horn at them. They collect and tally the number. They cheer if they get a “big one.”

And as they celebrate, I cry. Because this reminds me that they will still be OK. There is still joy and hope to be found in the world. And it is as simple as a honk.

So, please, if you see a group of children, take a second to honk your horn. You are providing delight in a dark time. And for all of you who have honked at us, thank you. I will never be able to express to you how much joy that brings the children and myself.

Kalina Groothuis