The national news in early May confirmed the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That news was the revelation of the actions taken by our Department of Justice and FBI in the Gen. Michael Flynn investigation, and it should shock every American who is concerned about their rights and the rule of Law. If people do not believe what Attorney General William Barr has said, they need to read the documents written by those who absolutely corrupted their power.

This greatest attack on our rights was addressed in the article in the News Tribune on May 10, headlined, “Obama lashes out at Trump administration.” The article reflected the opinion and defense of President Barack Obama, and no information was given regarding the facts that warranted dropping the charges against Gen. Flynn. The source of the article was the New York Times.

I realize editors do not write articles, but the selection of this article to inform readers of a highly significant news item was either a poor choice or intentional by News Tribune editors. Unless the News Tribune implements a process to report factual news free of bias, it should consider limiting itself to local news, the comics, the obituaries, and the puzzles.

William Lundberg