I just read, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, that the 2018-’19 estimates from the flu season were 35.5 million people sick, 16.5 million people went to a health care provider, 490,600 people required hospitalization, and an 34,200 died. This was a fairly good flu season. Also, please note, this was when we had a vaccine.

So, just looking at that basic information, we know what the flu does in this country.

But right now we are fighting something different: COVID-19. This is a new virus that may have originated in Wuhan, China. We were not notified immediately of its origins. We were not allowed to get samples. And we basically didn’t know anything. But for some reason, in the views of some, our president was supposed to know everything about it. He was expected to stockpile in advance of this pandemic all the necessary health supplies for every state in the union. I am just amazed at what some say our president was expected to do.

What we have is a president who has worked tirelessly to deal with a pandemic never seen before. He assembled a team and in a few days created a hospital in New York when there was a huge outbreak. He worked to provide ventilators so no one who needed one went without.

The health team originally estimated we would suffer more than 2 million deaths in this country. Of course, no one thinks any loss of life is OK, but what has been done has greatly reduced the numbers.

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To all the people who want to blame each COVID-19 death on our president: would you please tell me who exactly is responsible for the number of people who die each year of the flu?

Jeannine Nordin