I hope someone with more clout than me will pass this idea on to someone in authority in our governmental system. It seems to me that our current plan of paying everybody to stay home from work will make the Depression years seem like “the good-old years.” We can't buy our way out of this virus, we have to work our way out of it. And we can't treat it as only a political item.

What we need to do is pass war powers to the president to decree that all citizens over 65 be guaranteed for the foreseeable future. These are the high-risk citizens. Most of them are probably financially solvent or on Social Security (or both). If they still need to work, they are the ones we should subsidize to stay home: no visitors and no other human contact allowed.

Then we put everybody else back to work and get his great economic engine running again. People need to work. The country needs to work. We can't bury our future in unbearable debt. That leads to total economic ruin.

The best part of this virus is that it doesn't prey heavily on the young or the physically fit. That's whom we need to run the engine. We oldsters (I'm 85) will not be in great danger if people follow the rules. Yes, there will be some casualties among us. But this is really a deadly war, and a good general always knows he has to plan for casualties. It need not be overwhelming if we all follow the rules.

Lars Fladmark