Contrary to the March 1 letter, “Trump betraying American ideals,” left-wing extremist bureaucrats embedded in American government damaging the integrity of the very institutions charged with maintaining and enforcing rule of law in America paint a very different picture of who’s really betraying American ideals.

Questions lingering after Minneapolis FBI General Counsel Coleen Rowley’s 2002 whistleblower complaint to FBI Director Robert Mueller about D.C. FBI failures handling intelligence information prior to 9/11 showed the D.C. FBI prevented Minneapolis FBI investigations in mid-August 2001 that might’ve uncovered the 9/11 plot. How the D.C. FBI could not have seen such glaring threats boggles the mind.

Still recovering after 9/11, Americans dealing with the 2008 financial crisis hardly noticed the extent of left-wing infiltration into American government. A March 9 article at described evidence of illegal hiring practices by President Barack Obama’s administration, which essentially embedded left-wing loyalists within the departments of Justice, FBI, Intelligence, and others.

Not since the FBI’s FISA abuses exposed during President Donald Trump’s first term have so many questions of political bias been raised, nor has the extent of left-wing infiltration connected so many dots involving government missteps, inactions, foul play, and apparent negligence in the past 20 years.

Americans keep rising to crises to find even bigger messes created by politicians slipping ill-advised and even unconstitutional policy into badly needed programs while Americans busily struggle through the crisis. Coronavirus legislation is no exception.

Left-wing Democrat extremism unrestrained by laws and legal precedence has no place in American government. Dangerously presuming absolute rule, treating American freedoms as unessential extrinsic properties, betraying American ideals, and even life itself is a globalist wave that’s been drowning Americans’ dreams for decades. Time to clean house.

Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota