While the virus races through our populations and minds the pundits and politicians are stretching our beliefs far beyond our normal imagination. Amidst the finger-pointing and pontificating, I want to suggest a way through the melee — as the talking heads and politicos look for positive suggestions (calls for solidarity) and ideas that improve everyday people’s lives in concrete ways. Most everything else can be observed with a critical eye toward who is benefitting from lying, blaming, or denying the very serious reality we now all face.

The Facebook/blogosphere/24/7 cable-news web is filling with gibberish of little consequence and very offensive. What does that say about us? Perhaps it says we can give up a bit on the WebSphere. Perhaps not. Regardless, within this pandemic our actions matter most, and we have a brief chance to bring civility back into our civilization.

We don’t need to hoard masks and price-gouge TP. As a people, we need to get our acts together and lend a helping hand — at the right distance.

We have the unique opportunity to show solidarity among us all because at the most basic level we all share the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Dali Lama said we all have a basic right to our happiness. We can come together and share the necessities of life, care for each other, and understand that our basic needs are the same and we all have the right to meet those needs.

We now have the opportunity to cut through the fog of lies and help each other to be safe and whole. We can take the corrupt existing system and change it to make our everyday lives more livable.

Short on ideas? Consider making a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Christopher LaForge

Port Wing