It is a given that 100 years from now humans will be still murdering each other with fake wars. But will we be doing it while standing knee deep in plastic bottles? Can we at least war upon each other on a clean planet?

We have now gone over 1 million plastic bottles purchased per minute worldwide, with many of them going into the waste stream, according to Forbes and other sources. The entire planet has become a landfill. It’s official. Worldwide, 1.4 billion sold per day. Some 526 billion plastic bottles are going to be sold just in the year 2020.

Our planet Earth has been downgraded to nothing but a trash dump circling the sun with people endlessly warring — but warring for what, a trash-filled landscape? Oceans filled with trash? Can we at least keep it clean enough so there are reasons to war? Who wants to war to win a landfill?

It’s a good thing we can’t migrate to other plants; we would just trash them.

There is some serious evil going on from those fighting to stop laws that would end all of this plastic waste dumped on Mother Earth — pure evil.

Frank Erickson