Foreign national consortiums led by the notorious Glencore’s PolyMet and Antofagasta mining, with their considerable financial and political clout, have surreptitiously chipped away at our longstanding water and air protections, thus leading Minnesota down the path of broken promises and environmental ruin. Meanwhile, our key congressional leaders remain silent.

At this critical juncture, Gov. Tim Walz refuses to act decisively to protect Minnesota’s water from PolyMet’s circumspect claims. Minnesota taxpayers have unwittingly spent millions defending PolyMet in court. And U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has surreptitiously supported PolyMet and Antofagasta’s Twin Metals. In fact, when first elected, she introduced a bill to facilitate the transfer of 5,600 acres of federally controlled land into state hands, which was then later sold to PolyMet at $560 per acre.

Attorney General Keith Ellison, once a vocal critic of sulfide mining, is now reticent. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have been found remiss in their obligation to protect our air and water. Therefore, they are complicit in the process of moving forward the mining interests’ agenda. The MPCA is now involved in several court appeals accused of everything from superseding its authority to suppressing information threatening to mining permit approval.

For too long, the DFL sacrificed our pristine waters and future prosperity for generations to come in return for legislative control by appeasing longtime state Sen. Tom Bakk and his fellowship of northern representatives who owe their eternal loyalty to the mining interests.

Call our poor beleaguered governor now and instill in him the backbone and intestinal fortitude he seems to be missing.

Dan Iverson

Mound, Minnesota