My wife and I were driving down to Minneapolis when a tire on her car went flat. So we pulled off Interstate 35 at the Mora exit. I hopped out, as I know how to change a tire. I had the adapter for the security lug nuts, and the spare was good. Only one problem: no lug wrench.

So we were sitting there wondering what to do that wouldn’t break the bank. Lo, a pickup stopped and a man hopped out and had the same bad reaction to my lack of a lug wrench. So I said, “How about the lug wrench from your truck?” It worked!

While we were changing the tire, I found out he and his wife are Duluth firefighters. His wife had the kids look under the car and showed them how the jack worked.

This experience gave me joy in knowing there are still good people in the world who will help others in distress. In my car I have a jump starter and tow rope, as I offer help when I can.

I forgot his name, but I know his pickup has an Italian V6 and he is a member of the Air National Guard. I cannot praise him enough for the help. He and his wife are doing a great job, in my humble opinion, with the kids.

Chris Idzerda