As a postmortem for the great impeachment pseudo-debate, I need to comment on the often-expressed Republican argument, most recently blasted out by President Donald Trump’s lawyer Pat Cipollone that conviction would be the equivalent to "tearing up the millions of votes" that put our president in office in the 2016 election.This is an absolutely false and invalid argument.

No Democrat denies that Trump was duly elected by the Electoral College. But impeachment of an elected office-holder, according to the Constitution, involves actions that he or she has taken since assuming the office.

Trump has been in office for more than three years, during which time he has carried out many of his objectives, such has abrogating international treaties; appointing conservative judges; eliminating many environmental, civil-rights, and health-protecting regulations; crudely insulting his perceived enemies; and the actions for which he was impeached by the House.

His election has never been in doubt, by impeachment or otherwise. So Republicans should not say so!

But, of course, many voters do regret it.

John C. Green