I was so disheartened to read how a “serial fraudster” schemed NorthwoodsTrucking out of $730,000. I believe the attorney’s excuses for the guy (as quoted in the Jan. 24 story, “Man sent to prison for defrauding Duluth business”) are part of a problem and cause me to lose faith in our justice system.

I, too, was victimized and scammed out of money by a guy with an extensive criminal and civil record. Even at $50,000 worth of scams, probation, felony charges and restitution owed to multiple victims, people like him are still living among us and continuing their criminal behavior. What does it take to stop them? Where is the justice? And why isn’t the law doing anything about this?

In court, he pulls the same scheme over and over, year after year; he doesn’t show up to his first hearing, only to file a motion to have his case heard days later, all the while wasting our tax dollars. This causes more financial hardship on those he already has scammed to have to show up again in court. Our system allows this, and I’ve been witness to a judge allowing this character “more time” when he was the same judge as three months earlier for the same situation. People like him know how to “work the system,” and the system allows itself to be hoodwinked by these types of people. His cycle of fraud continues with yet another victim of his crimes awaiting their day in court.

My faith in humanity is shattered when people like him aren’t held accountable to prevent them from victimizing more people.

Kristy Strom