Now, more than three years after being selected by the Electoral College to be our president, Donald Trump is finally officially impeached and stands trial in the U.S. Senate to be removed from office for high crimes and misdemeanors that he is accused of committing.

Every person who has been paying attention to actual current events understands that Trump is a pathological liar running his family business at taxpayers’ expense from the White House (aka the People's House).

Honest people aren't the least bit surprised by, or dissatisfied with, the effort to remove him from the same office that great Americans like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington once held and served with extraordinary distinction.

If the people of Great Britain can have their Brexit (exit from the European Union), it's only right that we the people of the United States have Trexit, Trump's exit from the U.S. presidency — his impeachment and removal from office or his resignation or his defeat in the 2020 election (whichever occurs first).

Join your voice with the new refrain: "Trexit ASAP is the only way to MAGA!"

Joe Lopac