As a member of United Steelworkers in the Duluth area for five years, I am writing to express my support for the PRO Act, or Protecting the Right to Organize Act. The bill would make huge improvements for working Americans. It’d be one of the biggest reforms on labor we have seen in decades.

That’s why hardworking Minnesotans like me are counting on Rep. Pete Stauber’s support to speak for the interests of workers by voting yes this month on the PRO Act.

Every day, millions of American workers are exploited by employers who break laws, put profits before safety, and force workers to stay quiet about it. The PRO Act would hold employers accountable; they’d face real consequences for intimidating and bullying employees.

Not only would this legislation improve the lives of workers, the bill also help the economy by reducing the wealth gap between the rich and the working class.

Thanks to my experience with United Steelworkers, I know firsthand that union workers have better benefits and more retirement security than our non-union counterparts.

It is time to stand up to corporate greed. We should all support the PRO Act and protect workers’ rights to organize.

Tuan Vu