Duluth’s Bill Mittlefehldt accurately and poignantly described our tragic predicament in his Jan. 10 “Local View” commentary, “Republicans running out the climate clock.”

Climate change is already upon us. Extreme, record-breaking climate events have taken thousands of lives and cost more than $306 billion in 2017 alone, as the Washington Post reported. Houston had three 500-year storms in just a few years, beating odds of 46 million-to-1.

Every science academy in the world (NASA has a list of 200) tells us that destructive climate change is from burning fossil fuels. Yet fossil-fuel corporations pay politicians hundreds of millions a year to block remedies in Congress. They also have paid millions to think tanks and media shills to spread false reassurances of a “hoax” or that we can “wait and see.”

The site skepticalscience.com has a list of phony excuses used by deniers, and the site presents scientific facts. Pope Francis was right: “We live at a time when profits and losses seem to be more highly valued than lives and deaths.”

At last, a majority of Americans demand we do something. But what? Economists and scientists strongly concur that the most effective measure is a price on carbon. And rebates protect the consumer.

If science says the deadline for action is 2030, the political deadline is 2020, because we’re going to need a president and Congress which value our lives.

When hearing from the media or politicians, consider the source of all claims. Do they profit from delay and denial? Do they nurture indifference? Are they scientifically and morally illiterate? And then, of course, vote — and vote smart.

Jan Freed

Los Angeles