The Jan. 12 letter, “Story ignored that border walls work,” had the usual “facts” according to the wizards in Washington. It also cited the usual “historic” benefits of walls in China and Israel.

Let me give another side. I live in Brownsville, Texas, in a retirement community. I am a block and a half from the Rio Grande River. At this writing, our community of River Bend is in the sights of bureaucrats who want a 30-foot steel barrier built through our community, dividing it in half. We stand to be the only community on the border with such an abomination through it.

There is no “invasion” of illegals rushing across the river and through our community. In the seven years I’ve lived here, there has never been an invasion. Yes, a few have crossed, and they have been quickly apprehended due to the constant presence of the Border Patrol and the cooperation of alert River Bend residents. There has been no criminal activity in or near our community related to immigrants.

The problem the letter flagged, like most others who absorb the propaganda from Washington, D.C., is that the illegal immigration matter has been a political football by all administrations for years because career politicians have learned it is a gold mine for votes during campaigns. Like other such hot-button issues, the immigration issue won’t go away until voters wake up and demand career politicians do their jobs.

I suggest that all those clamoring for a wall — but not in their backyards, of course — learn more about the situation before spouting off historic references that have no bearing on the current situation.

Norm Rourke

Brownsville, Texas