Sen. Mitch McConnel has dismissed his sworn oath with regard to the Constitution. Apparently, to him, it's nothing more than a piece of paper. He seemingly will do or say anything to protect President Donald Trump. Subpoenas are to be ignored. The laws no longer pertain to this corrupt administration.

I've lost count of how many people Trump appointed to his cabinet, were indicted, and are now serving prison sentences. As of last month, Trump's false statements totaled more than 15,400. Being impeached has seriously injured his fragile ego. He is livid.

Trump says he knows words and has demonstrated this by using vulgarities, repulsive facial expressions, obscene body gestures, and foul sexual innuendos.

He has now led us into war in the Middle East. Troops are on the way. Be prepared. For those who voted for him should volunteer to fight for him. Better yet, bring back the draft with no deferments for those 18 to 35.

Free imprisoned financier Bernie Madoff; he's a novice compared to Trump.

Paul A. Fleming