Thanks to CNN, Duluth city administration, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I am now more terrified of the climate than climate activist Greta Thunberg.

First off, I don’t even know what climate means anymore. Its definition keeps changing. According to the 1913 Webster‘s dictionary, climate was, “The condition of a place in relation to various phenomena of the atmosphere, such as temperature and moisture.” Since climate didn’t cooperate with computer proxies, we were told climate is defined, and not be confused with, weather, because its definition now seems to be just long-term weather. But aren’t they still mutually inclusive? It’s really just rising temperature, which is included in daily weather, right?

As if altering data wasn’t enough, and being told by scientists that snow was a thing of the past, I invested everything in hopes of Duluth’s climate changing from continental humid to semi-arid. My property would be worth a fortune, and I could ride the bike lanes year round. It would be #winning.

But, unfortunately, climate change is apparently more focused on parks instead of private land. CNN reported in September 2018 that nationals parks are warming faster than the rest of the country, so we really need to lower taxes here to speed up the warming.

My final thought: who is determining what the average temperature of the Earth should be and how did they acquire this knowledge? Maybe 97% of humans should form a consensus of what the Earth should be like, and then we can ask the climate to change before we declare war on the atmosphere, like Sanders wants.

With a mere 120 years on record, and knowing what my grandmother’s thermometer looked like, it really frightens me most to think we have any clue.

Richard Amatuzio Jr.