President Donald Trump has suggested that a war with Iran would be over in a few weeks. Trump is so lost. He doesn’t have a clue. What planet is he living on?

Hasn’t he been paying attention? You don’t win wars anymore with military supremacy. That’s from the old days. It isn’t 1940 anymore.

Here Trump sits with an 18-year war in Afghanistan that the V.J. cannot “win,” and he boastfully says a war with Iran would be over in a few weeks? This is beyond stupid thinking; it’s off-the-charts dangerous. The Taliban doesn’t even have a military, and the U.S. can’t “win.” How is a war with Iran going to be won in just a few weeks?

The Pentagon does nothing but provoke and escalate. The U.S. has never had a right to be in Iraq in the first place. We need to rein in those in Washington, D.C. They are going to get us all killed.

Frank Erickson