President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement struck a chord with enough voters to win an election. Was it the right chord?

Looking at America’s history, one could erroneously argue with a resounding and misguided “yes!”

Trump’s policies and incessant barrages of rally chants and electronic messages have awoken latent attitudes of nationalism and xenophobia, seemingly laid to rest in the post-Civil Rights Era.

From the time Europeans first stepped foot on this continent, the lives and welfare of other peoples have been ignored to provide wealth to the dominant race. Claiming “manifest destiny,” the U.S. government systematically has embraced the genocide of indigenous people through war, forced assimilation, displacement, and broken treaties. Kidnapped slaves from Africa provided cheap labor enforced by brutal, inhumane oppression — and government policies since have severely limited opportunities for their descendants.

Immigration policies aimed at would-be settlers from China, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Eastern Europe, Central America, and, most recently, the Middle East make a mockery of the iconic greeting at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.

The time has come to lay these deep-seated prejudices to rest. Ignore Trump’s cacophony of hatred toward others and embrace America’s true source of greatness: its diversity.

David Termuhlen