Rep. Pete Stauber voted against impeachment. He said the Democrats are partisan and Speaker of the House Nancy Peolsi is addicted and obsessed with the impeachment charade ("Stauber to vote against impeachment," Dec. 18).

I chuckle every time Stauber says he is bipartisan. He has been a loyal follower of President Donald Trump since day one. His party was hardly bipartisan when it voted for a 10-year tax break for the top 2% and forgot about the middle class and poor. Stauber hardly seems bipartisan with Republican actions still being taken to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. And Stauber was highly partisan when his campaign benefited from dirty money tied to indicted associates of Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney.

If Rep. Stauber had been married three times; had affairs; paid off porn stars; made sexist remarks about how he treats women; made derogatory comments about our CIA and other intelligence agencies, the FBI, those with handicaps, immigrants, and minorities; or spoke more than 4,000 (and counting) mistruths, would he even be elected dog catcher in Duluth?

Nobody is above the law — not even Trump.

Daniel J. Dahlberg