After trying different excuses to exonerate President Donald Trump’s actions, his most ardent followers seem to have settled in on two basic premises. The first is that the case against Trump is a sham, a made-up concoction of illegal investigations. The second talking point is that the whole mess is just politics and the Democrats’ hatred of Trump.

I beg to differ. The survival of our Constitution and democracy hinges upon the ability of our citizens to be able to add two plus two and get four. It is as simple as that.

The Justice Department's own investigation into the source of the Trump campaign’s possible illegal foreign connections was found to be proper and within the realm of the duties of the FBI. The right and duty of the House of Representatives to investigate and hold impeachment hearings is well-established in the Constitution, and no smear campaign by the pro-Trumpers can change that. Facts are facts, and opinions just do not equate in the same conversation.

When a closer look at the claim of “just being politics by Trump haters” is examined, one finds some very serious flaws. By nature, Democrats and Republicans differ or disagree on basic governmental obligations, social commitments, military expenditures, taxes, and a multitude of other government duties. This is natural and the essence of having different political parties, and therefore is political. However, if a governmental official breaks the law, corrupts the power of his or her office, lies, demonstrates serious behavioral characteristics, or places personal goals above that of the country then we must not and cannot claim party politics as the blame.

These actions are not political but personal, therefore cannot be tolerated and must be condemned by all individuals and parties.

It is time to agree: Two plus two equals four.

Burleigh K. Rapp