"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking," General George S. Patton once said. I'm aware of a couple situations where his quote was true.

First, at the impeachment hearing on Dec. 18, all I heard from the patriarchal male Republicans was blame and shame, in lockstep with each other. In fact, that's almost all I heard from Republicans during most of the hearings. For those ignorant of this agenda, whenever blame and shame are introduced into an interaction, you end up with an addictive and codependent interaction because of the denial involved in those doing the blaming and shaming.

Rabid Republicans and their base seem to be all about blame and shame, the mantra of those who see themselves as victims. This shouldn't surprise anyone, because President Donald Trump is the primary "victim" in this country, and thinking of oneself as a “victim" is what he preaches to his base.

Such was also the case with the Nov. 24 letter, "Democrats consumed with hatred." The letter parroted every talking point the Republicans used in their attempts to justify what Trump did with regard to the Bidens and Ukraine. How much thought does it take to repeat what one's political group is claiming as truth?

I, for one, am tired of being told what and how I feel about others by someone who's never talked with me and who's never honest about his or her own feelings and apparent hates. As I've said before, I don't hate Trump. Most Democrats and I are not biased against Trump. We're biased against hyperbolic, narcissistic, sociopathic liars, of which Trump seems to be prominent and notorious.

Gary Burt