Was the driver of the grader crazy, drunk, or just plain incompetent?

At about 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 30, a large grader came down East Second Street to its junction with North Hawthorne Road. Our house is at that corner. The plow came onto our sidewalk, scraped up the grass parking area, and dumped at least 2 tons of huge ice blocks and hard snow for 50 feet, totally blocking the sidewalk. There is far too much for anyone to move manually, and a snowblower will not be able to get through. In some spots, the ice and snow are 4 feet high. And a city ordinance reads that property owners are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks. (So said the ironic reply from a city employee who returned a call to my complaint.)

We live within two blocks of three schools. Several phone calls to report this problem to the authorities, including the east-side snow-removal manager, proved unsatisfactory. Someone needed to agree to look at the damage and do something about it.

The city needs to inspect the jobs that plow drivers do and ensure they do not make a bad situation worse for taxpaying residents.

Zabelle and Bob Stodola