Regarding the Nov. 27 “Statewide View” column, “Trump can stop Walz from turning Minnesota into a cold California,” I was initially surprised that this piece of propaganda was written for the News Tribune. If the Editorial Board has a view or dispute on this issue, it should put it out there. Publishing a piece from the right-wing Center for the American Experiment (what a pleasant title for such a dishonest outfit) was disingenuous.

The column commented on California’s emission standards, rescinded by the administration of President Donald Trump. The standards had been called President Barack Obama’s act. What Obama did in 2009 was request that the EPA reconsider its previous rejection in light of the Clean Air Act.The emissions standards were then enacted and were in effect for 10 years.

Illegally enacted, as the column stated? That hasn’t been decided by a court. A legal battle will now be on rescinding the waiver. The decision likely will come after the 2020 presidential election.

The column further cited obscure statistics, prognostications of gloom and doom, the destruction of the auto industry, economic calamity, and other standard fear tactics to bolster its argument. California’s economy destroys all those arguments, however.

Walz’s proposal will be debated. Good. It may or may not come to fruition.

This should have been a discussion about states’ rights (the right-wing fallback against federal intervention against all forms of discrimination and bigotry). Sad.

Sadder is that the News Tribune gave the column credibility by calling it “Statewide View” when it was neither a statewide view nor credible upon any scrutiny. It was, however, consistent.

George Balach

The Villages, Fla.