Recent letters have made the argument that those who criticize President Donald Trump hate him personally. I do not hate him. As a citizen, I object when a politician lies, uses hatred as a political strategy, subverts the rule of law, and acts in his or her own self-interest — whether a Democrat or a Republican.

How can letter writers support a politician who violates all the principles of conservatism, including personal morality, balanced budgets, strong foreign policy, and respect for the law? I am very afraid that they are loyal to a leader in violation of their own principles, the Constitution, and the good of all of us. This loyalty to a leader above all else is a threat to democracy.

They say I hate the president because apparently they think this is all about President Trump. It is not. Presidents are not kings. It is about the rule of law and decency to others. It is about all of us living together as neighbors. It is about continuing our experiment with democracy.

Jay Newcomb