How disingenuous is the U.S. government with this war in Afghanistan? The U.S. government declared war on the Taliban after 9/11, which was a huge assumption, because to get war, which is defined as armed conflict, you need a violent response from those with whom you are trying to start a war. What if no one in Afghanistan had taken up arms against the U.S. when the U.S. attacked? There would be no war if there wasn’t a violent response.

If no one fought back, how would you know who your enemy was? How would you be at war? Declaring war is a very arrogant act. How do you know for sure you are going to be able to get it?

The U.S. government wanted a war, which would give our nation the freedom to blow up buildings and kill people. The war was wanted to get revenge for 9/11. Well, the people in Afghanistan cooperated. They took up arms and completed the circle that created this armed-conflict killing contest.

But the U.S. continues to show no gratitude for those who cooperated with the war script and who gave the U.S. its war.

The U.S. complains about how the terrorists fight. But if the terrorists did not fight, the U.S. would have no war. And the U.S. loves war.

The U.S. government knows there is no winning in Afghanistan. What then is the point of continuing to kill people? Is the U.S. simply killing people in Afghanistan for the sadistic fun of it?

Frank Erickson