There are many ongoing discussions about making reparation payments to those descendants of African-Americans who were enslaved in Africa and then brought against their will as commodities to the United States as a result of the Atlantic slave trade. While making payments to compensate our fellow citizens for the aftereffects of inhumane slavery, brutal Jim Crow laws, and felonous hate crimes is a worthwhile goal, there should also be climate-justice payments made to our fellow citizens currently being harmed and/or dipslaced by many unprecendented droughts and floods as well as coastal eroision and rising seal levels flooding our coastal communities. These payments should also be made to ensure food security for cities, along with wildlife-habitat restoration and endangered-species restoration.

These compensatory payments should be paid out by certain irresponsible corporations and individuals which have contributed to climate change or have impeded our transition to a clean-energy economy. Therefore, irresponsible corporate executives and their polluting corporations must be held accountable by environmental laws for fanning the flames of destructive climate change.

James Patrick Buchanan