The Communist Party's objective is to divide and conquer all democratic governments. You can count on it. First Lady Melania Trump's father was a member of the Communist Party.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's objective is coming together perfectly.

Anyone who supports President Donald Trump is as treasonous as he is. Trump has viciously stabbed allies in the back. I doubt if any of our allies trust us anymore. How could they? The Kurds, who did more to defeat our enemies, are now at the mercy of our enemies ISIS. This is called an ethnic cleansing. There is no cease fire. I feel this is a war crime. Trump is to blame.

Turkey is not our ally.

The Ottoman Empire never died.

Our republic is hanging by a thread.

The Republican Party is dead, as it is “the party of Trump."

Trump's false statements total more than 13,000.

How much more of this insanity do we have to tolerate? When will you be rounded up?

Paul A. Fleming