I was angered but not surprised by the News Tribune’s endorsement of Tea Party extremist Becky Hall (Our View/Endorsement: “Pick Hall for fresh council perspective,” Oct. 2). The News Tribune has had Hall on its Editorial Board so often she might have written the endorsement herself.

I remember her parading around Bayfront Festival Park in a Betsy Ross costume, as though she was claiming to be more patriotic than anyone else. She shouted with outrage about taxes, regulations, and the deficit. But that was when a black man was president. Now President Donald Trump’s tax scam has added $2 trillion to the deficit, and apparently it’s not a problem.

Duluth City Councilor Gary Anderson has done a good job, and I have found him to be quite responsive. When the election is over he takes down his signs. Hall leaves up her giant signs to taunt her opponents.

We don’t need extremist, divisive people on our City Council.

Laurence Cahill