President Donald Trump promised voters he would win for them. Really? Let’s look at his record.

Could we talk about the lack of infrastructure repair, lack of progress on climate protection, degradation of the environment, messed-up disaster relief in Puerto Rico, higher prices to the American public because of the trade war and tariffs on Chinese products, (including existential threats to American farmers and, with an eye on re-election, using taxpayers’ money to bail them out), and the dangerous possible war situation created with Iran (withdrawing from the anti-nuclear agreement and threatening war, i, e., “locked and loaded”)?

In addition, Trump is making no progress in thwarting Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s expansionism (meeting secretly). He’s also withdrawing support for the democracy side in Syria (bowing to Russian control) and is still tearing toddlers away from their mothers at the border, losing track of immigrant children and parents, not enacting comprehensive immigration control, accepting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s continuing nuclear weapon development, and promising to increase the American military but declaring a national emergency to steal money from it to build an unjustified border wall (most undocumented immigrants enter other ways).

Furthermore, Trump is slowly destroying the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with no feasible substitute and cutting taxes for the wealthy and large corporations (adding to the annual budget deficit of $1 trillion and $2 trillion to the national debt). He has endless turnover in cabinet members and advisors (not to mention associates going to jail); endless court suits; distrust between groups of Americans (and with the American mass media); continued the Republicans’ ideological goal of unjustified deregulation of corporations; and used propaganda techniques, such as demonizing opponents and continuously lying to protect himself.

And on and on.

Donald E. Maypole

Lake Nebagamon