Finally, the truth about the small pod of powerful people on our Duluth School Board is being publicly exposed, thanks to resigning School Board member Josh Gorham and the News Tribune (“Our View: School Board should have been told”).

Now, what are we the citizens going to do about it? This is a group of folks who extended the contract of a superintendent who didn’t want to be here. Their CFO needed to be replaced. Now we find out they hired a person with multiple serious driving infractions but were not open about his background.

School Board members Rosie Loeffler-Kemp and David Kirby should not be part of the committee to select our next superintendent. Their public track record proves they do not have credible expertise in this area. School Board member Nora Sandstad was correct when she said Loeffler-Kemp needs to step down from any leadership role.

Why is our public school system still apologizing to non-white and lower-income children for their lack of equality in education? What does that tell us? Do we honestly care that every child in our district receives a comprehensive public education? We pay for their education. What are our expectations? And why are we still paying thousands of dollars to maintain vacant properties?

There needs to be serious changes in the School Board, sooner rather than later.

Nancy Lanthier Carroll