The Sept. “Local View” article, "Twin Metals deserves chance to be reviewed,” could use some honest full disclosure.

The observation that the Duluth Complex sulfur content is less than 2 percent compared to the Flambeau Mine’s 30 percent neglected to mention that the mineralization of the Duluth Complex is also less than 2 percent. The problem is, according to a presentation by PolyMet at our Legislature, the ratio of copper to sulfur is about the same in both ore bodies. That means to process a ton of copper from the Duluth Complex the miner has to process the same amount of sulfur as required to process a ton of copper from Flambeau. The Duluth Complex will just have more waste.

The Flambeau mine was in Rusk County next to Ladysmith, Wis. Rusk County is in the bottom 10 percent of Wisconsin counties for per capita income, and Ladysmith has a poverty rate over 20 percent, according to Wikipedia and city data.

Mining has been a failure for economic development.

President Donald Trump's tariffs meant to protect mining have damaged Minnesota manufacturers who use steel. We should acknowledge that mining has been a welfare program for northern Minnesota and that the consequences of our subsidies and lax environmental enforcement are a net liability to our state.

Bob Tammen