In response to the Aug. 12 letter, “Ending mass shootings a voting priority,” if the goal is reducing mass murders, start with abortion, which I and many others consider murder. In 2018-19, our highest “murder rate” was abortion. Some call this just sacrificial cannon fodder.

In 2017, the FBI stated that more people were killed with a hammer or blunt object than with rifles or assault weapons. Drug-overdose deaths, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control, totaled 70,237 in 2017 and 72,000 last year — not including prescription-drug abuse.

Let’s not forget “Fast and Furious,” in which President Barack Obama shipped guns to Mexico so they could be brought over the border in an apparent attempt to take away our gun rights. Remember the Washington Times report of May 25, 2018: “Not so fast Obama, your biggest scandal is unfolding before our eyes.”

Remember Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, a hero killed by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. There are hundreds of brave police officers and servicemen and servicewomen who have given their lives for you and me.

The First Amendment was purposely written first so the Second Amendment could be exercised.

But the Aug. 12 letter expressed concern about gun deaths? Consuming the cesspool of self-edification causes some to become unteachable in truth. Our Constitution was written by moral individuals who gave their lives for our freedom.

If you’re looking for justice, then we need an appeal to heaven for Divine justice. But oh no, “The poor widow’s son.”

America, what we have here is Tavistock, the best-kept secret in America, controlling human ideology by mass brainwashing.

Samya Peterson