Better In Our Back Yard commends the Minnesota Court of Appeals for reaching a decision to deny requests for additional environmental review of PolyMet Mining's NorthMet project ("Court: Another PolyMet review not needed," May 29).

The court's decision was legally sound. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources followed the rules throughout the review process, examining the project PolyMet has proposed. Project opponents have argued that PolyMet intends to mine at a far greater rate than currently permitted, and both PolyMet and the DNR repeatedly have asserted that if a larger mining operation is proposed, it would require an additional environmental review. This process is in line with Minnesota's mining laws, which PolyMet and the DNR are committed to following.

The court's rejection allows PolyMet to continue to focus on financing and developing the project in adherence with Minnesota's strict environmental standards and, more importantly, within the discerning scrutiny of all Minnesotans. We all care about the environment, and we can operate safe mines here - better in our backyard.

Kurt Doran


The writer is a member of the board of directors for the Better in Our Back Yard group.