I'm writing to encourage more articles along the lines of the one published at duluthnewstribune.com on April 30, headlined, "Longtime research leader says addressing climate change is the 'Christian thing to do'."

It was a great piece because it showed how many faith communities, including those in our state, are marching for action on this issue. I am a volunteer for MN 350, and we have a lot of meetings at churches in the Twin Cities. It's good to break the stereotype that Christians are all in denial about climate change or take a dismissive attitude.

I also must praise the article for including the research leader's suggestions on how to live a more environmentally conscious life while saving money in the process. The media are dominated with environmental alternatives that are quite expensive or demanding, and those are easy targets for those who are climate-evasive to harp on. Showing how it can be more economical to live by these values is a great sell for the average person. In my view, the local press should pour more ink into showing how Minnesotans can continue to lead the way in the fight against climate change just by changing their daily routines.

Kayle Latterell

Plymouth, Minn.