The consequences of global warming on the Great Lakes - as discussed in a great news story on March 21, headlined, "Great Lakes already hit by climate change," are engaging and shocking. I felt all the facts in the article were true and agreeable because I fish on Lake Superior and live 20 minutes from the lake.

The article was simplistic in its giving of hard-boned facts while not giving political opinion that could deter the foreseeable future of the Great Lakes. All the events on the Great Lakes that were stated could spur people into action to help the Great Lakes since the lakes are a vital shipping route for iron ore, and they affect the amount of snow during winters.

The predictions for the Great Lakes' future also engaged me because they have already started, and that proves they are right. Referencing the scientists was great to see. We know then where the facts are from. They're from researchers in the Midwest and Canada and not from, for example, California. Hopefully, journalists can write more stories about the Great Lakes, bringing awareness of global warming and helping to protect the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

Anthony McKay