The May 9 story, "New hope for Duluth streets; Legislature moves closer to approving dedicated local sales tax," about proposed legislation to authorize a half-percent sales tax in Duluth, in my opinion, was misleading.

The story stated that Duluth Mayor Emily Larson "points to strong local support for the idea, as demonstrated by a November 2017 referendum in which more than 75 percent of Duluth voters indicated they were in favor of a self-imposed sales tax hike." While approximately 75 percent of Duluth voters did indicate support, less than 30 percent of eligible voters voted in that election. This omitted fact casts a very different light on the actual amount of support from the general public. In my view, eliminating that fact from the article was misleading and constituted neither fair nor honest reporting.

In fact, it is politically biased reporting when some facts are twisted to favor a certain viewpoint. This is called "fake news."

Duluth's sales tax is already among the highest in the state. I seriously doubt the average resident wants to pay out even more of his or her meager wages. My family and I are not the only ones who have been driven away from spending in Duluth because it makes no economic sense. Sure, we visit and enjoy the lakeshore and beaches, etc., but spending for food, fuel, and lodging is reserved for other locales.

Martin Karpa