I am writing in response to the May 20 article, “FOMO can lead to sleep issues and stress.” As a high school junior, while I agreed with most of the article, I believe there were claims that don't apply to all people regarding the “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.

I agreed that many children would be upset after not being invited to a birthday party and many adults would feel left out if they weren't invited out with friends. Personally, I don't feel left out of things that often.

I tend to sleep better when I stay home from events and decide not to go out. There are many people like me who have anxiety and tend to prefer not being invited to things. It stresses me out more when I am invited to things, as I usually decide to find a way out of it and have to worry about hurting the other person’s feelings.

The article should have applied more to all people and looked at the problem from all angles. There are many people like me who prefer to stay in, and I’m sure they wouldn't feel stressed out if they didn't get invited to something.

While I thought the article was well-written and had many good points, I also felt more could have been added to show the side of people who prefer to stay home.

Emily Matzdorf