The May 16 editorial on the current "success" of the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth (Our View: "Aquarium is building on 'amazing' turnaround") stated that the facility receives about $350,000 each year from taxes paid by tourists for hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and liquor. It is my understanding that Duluth's municipal golf courses receive no funding from this source that is available to the aquarium. I wonder why not.

I also wonder why some of the same ideas that increased visitor numbers at the aquarium could not be applied to our endangered golf courses. For example, I've watched a lot of TV ads over the years, inviting people to golf in towns all around us; yet I have never seen an ad inviting visitors to golf in Duluth.

I would like to see more effort made to promote and fund Duluth golf before considering closing or selling off parts of these treasures. That's because once they're gone they are gone forever.

Bill Allen