My apartment window at Mount Royal Pines looks out toward the entrance into St. Marie Street. On a recent sunny morning, I watched as a pedestrian walked past. Concurrently, a deer emerged from the woodsy area on one side to cross the entry road. In mid-stride, the walker noticed the deer just as the deer noticed the walker. Both stopped and faced each other. I waited, nearly holding my breath in anticipation of - of what?

After a long pause during which neither one moved, the deer finally turned its head and continued toward the woodsy area on the other side, and the walker turned and walked on down the sidewalk.

Whew! Then I considered: What did each think? Was it just curiosity or a pause to judge danger on both sides?

Life is a series of decisions: Stop or go? Good or bad? Safe or dangerous? May we all stop and consider before making a snap judgment and acting hastily in any situation.

Joan Duff