In response to the April 21 letter, "Anything goes with irrational propaganda," wow! First Trump supporters were a basket of deplorables and now they are considered Christian fundamentalists and other irrational forces motivated by something beyond reason. Apparently Trump supporters are easily manipulated and believe President Donald Trump is god. But wait for it. It gets better. Trump apparently is now an internet troll, too, who will do anything to rile up his base.

Talk about the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. Maybe Democrats should be looking in their own backyard. The Democratic National Committee paid Christopher Steele for an unverified dossier about candidate Trump that led to several illegal FISA warrants. Hillary Clinton, when secretary of state, was involved in a sale of U.S. uranium rights to Russia. Additionally, the Russian government gave $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Isn't that called "pay to play?"

The Democrats like sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants but objected to taking illegal immigrants who came over the border. I suppose if they did, there wouldn't be a manufactured crisis anymore.

They had a presidential candidate in Clinton who, while under subpoena, deleted more than 30,000 emails, bleach-bit hard drives, and took a hammer to cell phones so no data could be retrieved. She also placed her computer server in an unsecured place, and we know it was hacked by foreign entities. But that was perfectly acceptable to Democrats.

Attorney Loretta Lynch met with President Bill Clinton on a plane on the tarmac during an ongoing investigation of his wife. The Bible does talk about the blind leading the blind and how they both fall into a ditch. Interesting.

Now the Democratic Party has passed in several states laws allowing live-birth abortions. This is infanticide, no matter what the Democratic Party says.

You tell me where evil lurks.

Kathy Beede