The first-quarter Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, came in at 3.2 percent, a number by anybody`s standard. The April jobs market reported a blowout 263,000 jobs added, while the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.6 percent. This was the lowest unemployment rate since 1969's 3.5 percent. The jobs market also had more jobs available than people out of work. The Consumer Confidence Index, or CCI, rebounded nicely in April, while wages continued to climb.

American consumers with more money in their pockets are driving the economy. Inflation remains tame. The stock market is on fire and seems to be flirting with new highs every week. The American consumer is optimistic on the Trump economy.

But the media give little or no credit to President Donald Trump`s Goldilocks economy, and the president is much too modest to pat himself on the back.

Democrats pout and nitpick the numbers then dispute the obvious.

President Trump has almost single handedly engineered the world`s most competitive and productive economy. Nobody else is even close.

Larry Hendrickson