In response to the April 18 letter, "Democrats made out to be monsters," I offer this:

In the November-December 2016 issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, Richard Saunders, in an article on pages 47 and 48, reported on a documentary about James Randi, who was testing a group of dowsers, people who superstitiously believe they can detect underground water with a dowsing stick. "The end result showed clearly that all the dowsers had failed," Saunders wrote. When debunker Randi asked the dowsers for a show of hands of those who still believed in dowsing, all hands shot up. Saunders concluded by declaring it "one of the best examples of how humans believe things and keep believing no matter what."

All this is to say that you should not expect abortion foes to read or research anything contrary to their beliefs. People believe what they want to believe.

Ray Allard