When my hardworking father began to work union, he was told to slow down because he made the rest of them look bad. How much is enough when you can demand your wages and benefits?

One day I parked at Walgreens. A man came out and told me I had to move my car.

The Democrats in Duluth held a convention to endorse candidates for the nonpartisan offices of City Council and School Board.

The left has been behaving like a mob. It maligns and tells lies about our president. It endorses harassment of Republicans or anyone it disagrees with. Where is the left’s moral foundation? Don’t those on the left know they ultimately will answer to God?

Many people labor at jobs that do not pay enough to afford health insurance. Many cannot afford $600 per family member for health insurance. Under President Barack Obama, these people were taxed to pay for ”affordable health care.”

Many in Duluth cannot afford dental care; 900 people are on a waiting list at community health to receive dental care. One day at the DECC does not begin to meet the need.

Housing is unaffordable in Duluth unless you make union wages. Duluth does not have enough large employers that can afford to provide benefits for employees.

What kind of a person are you? Do you treat others the way you want to be treated? Are you kind, fair, and honest? Are you teaching your children to be kind, fair, and honest? Are you a bully? Have you put yourself in someone else’s shoes? How would you feel if you were treated the way you treat others?

Caroline Burley